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  • Omicron Variant Poses Challenges to Global COVID Containment

    【Dahai Zhao, a doctoral supervisor at SJTU School of International and Public Affairs, the Executive Director of YALE-SJTU Joint Research Center for Health Policy, has been interviewed by CGYN for the 66th time (112 times by CGTN / Shanghai TV altogether) since the COVID-19 pandemic. When interviewed by CHEN Tong, a journalist of CGTN Shanghai, […]

  • Stilwell and China: A Hundred Years of Faith and Friendship

    Few Americans and Chinese today know the fame, glory and controversies of General Stilwell, who served as the Chief of Staff of Allied Forces in the China-Burma-India Theatre. As one of the most important yet controversial figures of WWII, General Stilwell left an intriguing legacy for historians to study and scrutinize. This essay, neither a […]

  • Beautiful Meili Snow Mountain and Its Virgin Peaks

    The Meili Snow Mountain, also known as the Prince Snow Mountains, is located deep in the Tibetan Plateau foothills, about 10 kilometers (6 miles) west of Deqin County Town, which is about 4 hours’ driving from Shangri-La, Yunnan Province. The area is a land of pilgrimage for Tibetan Buddhists. In the 1930s, it was praised […]

  • The RMB: A Reserve Currency for the Future?

    By Jing Guan, bostonese.com columnist China has been blamed for America’s debt crisis while, at the same time, trying to gradually increase the value of the RMB. However, RMB appreciation alone is not the answer to America’s debt crisis. Many economists, including Noble Prize Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, argue for a new global reserve currency. The […]

  • Dr. Man-Chung Tang Talks about Traveling to China During Covid-19 Pandemic

    Chongqing, China, Sept. 9, 2020 – Dr. Man-Chung Tang, Chairman of the Board of T.Y.Lin International and member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, made his way back to Chongqing from New York after purchasing the 10th flight ticket in half a year. He talked about his experience of trying to get back to […]

  • BCMA Youth Orchestra Calls for Donations for Coronavirus Fight

    Boston, Feb. 21, 2020, — The Boston Chinese Musicians Association Youth Orchestra (BCMA Youth Orchestra), a non-profit performance arts organization, was founded in January 2019. It is an extension of the Boston Chinese Musicians Association (BCMA), (link http://bcma.us/index.html ). Both groups are dedicated to promoting the long lost sounds of traditional Chinese instruments and vocals. […]

  • Direct Relief Sent Major Shipment to Chinese Hospitals

    Santa Barbara, California, Feb. 6, 2020, — With the backing of many U.S. private sector companies and foundations, Direct Relief today sent a major shipment of personal protective gear to Chinese hospitals at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, including 250,000 N95 masks and other requested items.

  • City Councilor Ed Flynn Urges Residents to Prevent Coronavirus

    Boston, Jan. 28, 2020, — Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn has been in contact with the Boston Public Health Commission regarding prevention of the 2019 novel coronavirus. Below are some guidelines from the BPHC on how residents can prevent this virus. Councilor Flynn(left) and other elected officials at CCBA Chinese New Year Banquet.

  • Tsinghua International Students’ & Scholars’ Gala Night 2020

    Every year, the Tsinghua International Students’ & Scholars’ Gala Night transforms our campus in a heart-pounding and reinvigorating showcase of cultural diversity, talent and a wholesome Tsinghua spirit. An amazing line-up of 22 acts involving enthusiastic performers from over 20 countries presented a magnificent evening for the audience at the New Tsinghua Xuetang.

  • Bryant University President Ronald Machtley Visits Peking University

    Beijing, China, — Ronald Machtley, president of Bryant University, and his delegation recently visited Peking University. PKU President Hao Ping met with the guests at Linhuxuan. Hao Ping welcomed Machtley’s visit. He pointed out that Bryant University is an elite university with a long history and thanked Machtley for promoting various kinds of cooperation with […]