Latvian National Pentathlon Team Won Fencing Medals in Copenhagen, and Appoints Long Jie as Technical General Advisor

August 28, 2022, Copenhagen — Young fencers from European countries come to this city to compete for the Nordic crown. In July this year, Mr. Long Jie joined forces with the Latvian National Modern Pentathlon Team and was appointed as the Technical General Advisor, striving to make a contribution to the excellent results of the Latvia national pentathlons team in the future.

The Head Coach of the Latvian National Modern Pentathlon Team Mr. Jefremenko Mihails (left) presented a certificate of Technical General Advisor appointment to Mr. Long(right).

Mr. Long Jie, the current vice president of Guangdong Fencing Association of China and the International Cup Epee champion, has visited Boston for many times.

Under the leadership of Mr. Jefremenko Mihails, the Latvian National Pentathlon Team’s Sofija (middle in picture below) won the Junior Women’s Epee Individual Champion and Third Place. Congratulations!

Latvian Youth Fencing Team also sent many main players to the competition. They competed with great skills and sportsmanship, and showed their style, which laid a good foundation for the future international competitions. We wish the young fencers of Latvia good results!

According to media reports, Mr. Long Jie has won the national individual and team Epee championships for many times. In 2018, he led the A1 Champion Latvia National Epee team in the European Cup Epee Open held in Lithuania, and won the women’s epee individual competition, second runner-up, third runner-up, team third runner-up, fourth place in the men’s Epee team.

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