Picture Perfect! 7th Asian American Day in Boston Common

Boston, Sept. 9, 2017, — The 7th Asian American Day celebrations were held successfully in Boston Common today from 10 AM to 4 PM. Over 30,000 people showed up for this day-long celebration of devise Asian cultures and enjoyed a beautiful day by watching performances and even a parade of over 20 cultural organizations in the common.

Group picture at the opening ceremony by bostonese.com.

(L to R)Joe Li, Michelle Wu, Pingping, Ye Huang, President of Board AAAB, and Lucy Liu pose for a picture (provided by Joe Li).

Michelle Wu, President of Boston City Council, presented an official resolution from Boston City Council to Asian American Association of Boston(AAAB), declaring the second Saturday in September as Asian American Day in Boston. Gov. Baker also signed a proclamation that declares the second Saturday in September as Asian American Day in Massachusetts.

List of organizations joining the parade:
1. Chinese Young Professionals Networking
2. Golden Dragon Dancing Troupe
3. Boston Chinese Drum Troupe
4. Boston Therapeutical Dance Association
5. Joy Dance Troupe
6. Boston Chinese Folk Dance Group
7. Boston Fairy Dance Group
8. Grace Dance
9. Sharon Chinese Language School
10. Boston Nankai & Tianda Alumni Joint Dragon Boating Team
11. World Qipao Association Boston
12. Traditional Qipao Troupe
13. Student Corp
14. Boston Chinese Musicians Association
15. North American Maple Drama Boston Club
16. Boston Beijing Association
17. Guangzhou Association of Boston
18. Guangzhou United Association of U.S.A.
19. New England Region Guangxi Fellow Association
20. Guangzhou Baihua Performing Arts Troupe
21. US Career Pass

Please check out more pictures from Asian American Day below.

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