Chongqing Pavilion at Porter City Holds Launching Ceremony

By Victor Chen,

Weifang, Shandong Province, China, Dec. 8, 2018, — Guided by the World New Economic Organization, the Chongqing Pavilion officially settled in at Porter City today. The launching ceremony was successfully held at the New Economic Enterprise Headquarters of Porter City (Bohai Dawan District). More than 100 guests from Chongqing and other provincial and municipal government representatives, representatives of business associations, entrepreneurs, and elites from all walks of life witnessed the exciting moment. The launching ceremony also symbolized that businesses and business products from Chongqing are entering global markets.

The innovative format of this new economic development has already begun to bear fruit. Less than a month ago, Shandong Pavilion was officially unveiled and started construction on Nov. 10. The establishment of the Shandong Pavilion will help Shandong enterprises share development platform, and a huge new economic consumer market. It will also help the transformation and upgrading of Shandong entity enterprises and go global, and realize the opportunities of globalization.

Only one month after the lapse of time, the Chongqing Pavilion officially entered the new economic enterprise headquarters of Port City, which further promoted the global resource concentration of the innovative economy of Port City. New Economy expert Chen Zongjian, who is founder of Porter Holding International, Inc., said that in recent years, Chongqing relied on the first-mover advantage of development and opening up, and was supported by a number of major national strategies. With the opening of the China-European class (Chongqing), the economic development space advantage is outstanding. At the same time, the ever-evolving quality development needs have become increasingly prominent, and Chongqing enterprises are exploring a New Economy development path.

The Porter City (Bohai Bay Area) New Economic Enterprise is located in the CBD of Weifang Binhai New area in Shandong province, covering about 9000 acres. The main project is 6.88 million square meters, and the investment of fixed assets is over 30 billion yuan. Project set NGO headquarters, corporate headquarters, the world famous University project incubation headquarters, the new and old kinetic energy conversion headquarters, science and Technology 4.0 Headquarters, international Conference and Exhibition Center, International Financial Center, Administrative Center, Business Center, cloud computing Large data center, five-star hotel group, and etc.

The Porter City project will host special cultural center and apartment housing supporting facilities, such as new economic clusters. After the completion of the project, Porter City will absorb about 100,000 enterprises, and the annual comprehensive transaction volume is expected to exceed 500 billion RMB.

At Porter City, national venues include the United States Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Germany Pavilion, France Pavilion, the British Pavilion, India Pavilion, Brazil Pavilion, Italy Pavilion, Canada Pavilion, South Korea Pavilion, Russia Pavilion, and other countries international pavilion. The provinces and cities venues include: Beijing Pavilion, Tianjin Pavilion, Shanghai Pavilion, Chongqing Pavilion, Inner Mongolia Pavilion, Guangxi Pavilion, Ningxia Museum, Xinjiang Pavilion, Tibet Pavilion, Hong Kong Pavilion, Hebei Pavilion and so on.

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