Pictures from BBOA 10th Anniversary Concert

By Xinming Li, photos by John Tsou

Cambridge, Oct. 3, 2017, — In the evening of October 1, Boston Beijing Opera Association (BBOA) presented its 10th anniversary concert at Cambridge Family YMCA Theater. Hundreds of Beijing Opera fans in the audience enjoyed a night of classic Beijing Opera performances as well as transitional Chinese music by well-known local musicians. Oct. 1 is also the National Day of Peoples Republic of China.

Founded in January 2007, BBOA is a nonprofit organization that promotes Beijing opera among New England’s general public and provides an opportunity for Boston-area Beijing opera enthusiasts to practice and perform. BBOA’s active members meet more than 30 times a year and many members have trained with professional Beijing opera performers and musicians.

BBOA also provides community workshops and presentations at area schools and senior centers. It has worked with many local non-profit organizations, such as the Boston Children’s Museum, the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, and the Boston Dragon Boat Festival.

Beijing Opera or Peking Opera is the quintessence of China. The largest Chinese opera form, it is extolled as “Oriental Opera”. Having a history of 160 years, it has created many “firsts” in Chinese dramas: the abundance of repertoires, the number of artists, opera troupes and spectators.

Beijing Opera is developed from absorbing many other dramatic forms, mostly from the local drama ‘Huiban’ which was popular in South China during the 18th century. It is a scenic art integrating music, performance, literature, aria, and face-painting. Certain rules are set up and regulations are standardized during many artists’ long practice on stage. Different from regional plays, it is stricter on the variety of the workmanship. The combination of virtual and reality – a special technique of expression, keeps it largely free from the restriction of time and space on stage performance.

Please check out more pictures by photographer John Tsou from the concert below.